Who is www.howtodecks.com.au?

about My name is Matt Shutkowski, I am an Australian builder and love what I do. Over the years, I have renovated and built countless number of homes, built plenty of commercial buildings (shops, office buildings, schools, etc) and my personal achievement is building multiple tank farms (oil storage facilities) in the South Australian desert.

With my growing list of completed projects, from the ones that I am proud of and even the ones that aren’t such a highlight, one thing remains the same. It is the most satisfying and rewarding way to spend my day, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Why am I doing this

When I watch the news and see another building nightmare, its frustrating seeing that someone else had to go the heartache. I have made a living out of building and decided its time to give back to the people that have made my dreams come true. I am out to give all the right information to Australian home owners, and if all goes well I may even get to make a positive impact on home owners DIY building projects being a success story.

What you can count on

On this website you will never see an advertisement or a self promotion of my own building companies or the promotion of products that I personally would not recommend to my friends and family. All the information on this website will be backed up by Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.