DIY deck builders run through

There are many different styles, construction methods, building materials and construction processes that can be used to deliver a satisfying DIY deck building project. Before you get started there are a few questions and points to consider and you will find these questions similar if you were going to use a building contractor.

Working out what you want.

    • How big do you want your deck (an average deck that has an outdoor table and chairs is usually the equivalent of a master bedroom with a queen size bed in it, this will give you an idea of space on your deck)?
    • What type/style of deck are you looking for? It is always good to have sample photos of what you want as you will need these when you go to see your building designer or architect.
    • What is your budget? You need to know your budget as the different types of building products and construction methods vary greatly in price. When you see your building designer they will be able to point you in the right direction if they know what your budget is.

Once you have made your decision on what style and type of deck you want to build, you will need to do a material take off. A material take off is where you or your building designer calculate you how much of every construction material you will need, right down to how many nails you need to nail your decking boards down with. If you have never completed a material take off before I highly recommend you have your designer do this for you.

For the full process on DIY timber deck building you can purchase our task specific guides from the resource shop.

deck buildingNow that you have completed your material take off its time to purchase your materials and get the construction work under way. The first step is to clear your site and do a site set out. When you clear your site you will need to remove all kids toys, outdoor furniture and anything else that is in the way. Oh, and don’t forget to mow the lawn.

After you have cleared the site you will need to do what is called a site set out. The set out is where you set up string lines that identify the edge of your deck and where to dig all your holes for the foundations or footings. For the full details on completing a site set out you will need to purchase the “Site preparation and set out” guide from our resource shop.

Once your footing holes have been dug it is time to install concrete into your footings and stand your timber posts. You will require a hand from a friend at this point, as it may be potentially dangerous to try and attempt this on your own. After standing your posts you can go ahead and install the bearers and floor joists according to our task specific guides from our resource shop. When you mark out for your floor joists try to keep them evenly spaced no larger than your building designers plans.

When install your decking boards try to stagger all your joints and keep them a minimum of two floor joists and decking boards apart as outlined in our “Installing Decking Boards” guide.

There are few more steps to building your timber deck and that is why I have developed these task specific guides. These guide have been developed from all the information, tricks and techniques I have developed over the many years of contracting. These guide have one intention at heart, to give you all the most up to date and relevant information on building your deck so you can have that amazing deck you have always wanted.

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