Succeeding with contractors

contractorHiring a contractor is a game unto itself. Do you go with the guy that was unshaven and come straight from the site to meet with you, or maybe the company that has been around for years?

Is it really up to chance when choosing a contractor, if you have never used them before and no one that you know has used them either, you are in the dark about them as a contractor.

So how to do you go about selecting a contractor? Before you can select a contractor you need to first sit down and work out what you require from your contractor. Are you after someone to give you a hand on the weekends while you build it? Are you after a local guy? Do you want reputable company building your deck? There are many more questions that you need to answer for yourself before you make calls to your local building contractors.

contractorSTEP 1: Before calling your contractor

    • How big do you want your deck (an average deck that has an outdoor table and chairs is usually the equivalent of a master bedroom with a queen size bed in it, this gives you an idea of space on your deck)?
    • What type/style of deck are you looking for? It is always great if you have sample photos of decks you like to show the contractors to give them an idea of what you are looking for.
    • What is your budget? You don’t need to tell contractors and it is best if you keep this to yourself on the first consultation and wait until you shortlist your contractors to the last three.

For the full process on selecting a building contractor, purchase your copy of the “Contractor Selection Guide” for $3.50 AUD by clicking the buy now button.

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Once you have answered all the questions for yourself you now need to call local contractors for quotes. Always ask your friends, family and work colleges for their recommendations on who to use, this way you can get an insight about that contractor first hand.

STEP 2: Information all contractors need to be able to answer

    • Does the contractor have a valid building license? If they don’t have the appropriate building license for your state now is the time to show them the door. You will not be covered by insurance or your local building authority should problems arise later on if the contractor has no license.
    • Are they able to give you testimonials or previous client references? They should be able to have two reference of a similar project to yours.
    • Do they have any previous building disputes that are unresolved? It is not always a bad thing if a contractor has had one or two previous disputes if they have been resolved, its when they are unresolved is where you need to steer clear.

For the full process on selecting a building contractor purchase your copy of the “Contractor Selection Guide” for $3.50 AUD by clicking the buy now button.

$3.50 AUD (Purchase made securely with Pay Pal)

There are few more steps to selecting the right contractor for you, and that is why I have developed the contractor selection guide. This guide has been developed from all the information and feedback from previous clients of mine over the many years of contracting. This guide has one intention at heart, to give you all the most up to date and relevant information on selecting your building contractor.

If you find this guide is not of value to you I will refund 200% of the purchase price.

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