Termite protection: Protecting your deck from termites

Termite protectionTermite protection for your deck is not only a legal requirement, it is the only way to save your home and yourself from the heartache that termites bring with them. Most decks are connected to a house, which makes your deck the perfect entrance for termites into your home. So we are going to look at a one of the few different types of termite protection systems that the “Building Code of Australia Volume 2 (Section 3.1.3 Termite Risk Management)” require as a minimum for termite protection.

A visual termite barrier is where the termites make their trail up the outside of the non-timber products so that you are able to see the termite trail. The minimum distance a termite visual barrier needs to be is 75mm. For example, if you are planning to have garden around your deck, your deck posts need to be kept a minimum of 75mm above the top of the garden so you can see the termites making a trail up to your deck posts.

When you can see the termite trail, DO NOT touch or disturb them, call you local pest controller. If you do disturb the termites they will leave that trail into your home and find a new way in. The way most termite baits work is the termites eat it, go back to the main nest where they die, the other termites eat the poisoned termite and the cycle continues. To find out how to create a visual barrier for your deck you will need to purchase your copy of the “Digging and Installing Footings” guide.

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