Timber planking: Timber planking, a decking board alternative

timber plankingFirst, what is timber planking. Timber planking is large decking boards that has a rough sawn finish (rough sawn finish is where the timber is left with a rough or furry finish. To find out more you can purchase your own copy of our “Deck building terminology” guide from the resource shop).

Timber planking in the most part, is a cheaper option than the traditional timber decking. This is due the planking being a wider board (90mm for standard decking verse 140+mm for timber planking) which covers more area of the deck per length. When you order timber planking, a trick that I always use is to have the planking thicknessed/sized to one size (only have the underside of the planking machined, which leaves the rough sawn finish on the top), this way all the boards are flat and level when they are installed. Lastly, make sure you screw down the timber planking, because nails will not hold the timber planking in place if the planking wants to warp or twist in the weather.

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