What to consider when planning a deck for your spa.

spa deckThere a few considerations when looking at building a deck around a spa. However in this article we are going to look at the longevity of the deck. This is a critical point that needs to be addressed during the planning stage, because timber decks and chlorinated water do not mix very well. This is especially true with spas due to their nature, spas contain warm to hot water.

There are two things that happen. First, warm water, when splashed, soaks into the timber quicker than cold water. This chemically rich water increases the speed of the timber deterioration compared to a deck exposed to the normal weather conditions. To overcome this you need to allow for a stronger, more durable deck coating product. Secondly, as the timber draws in the water, the fixings (nails, screws, etc.) that hold the deck together become exposed to all the chemicals in the water and start to corrode at a much faster rate than normal. To avoid this and slow down the corrosion on the fixings, consider using stainless steel fixings. When you are planning a deck for your spa, make sure you take into consideration the added effects of the water on your deck.

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